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Bouchon Brompton pour tige de selle

• Bouchon Brompton pour tige de selle
• Entendez «Plop» plutôt que «CLING»!
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Voici le petit bouchon qui se positionne au bas de la tige de selle d'un Brompton afin que celle-ci fasse un joli «clung» lorsqu'elle touche le sol.


Brompton bung assembly - stops the seatpost clunking against the ground when it is lowered.

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The seat post bung from Brompton is a rubber bung which fits into the bottom of the steel seat pillars / posts stopping the seatpost clunking on the ground when the seat post is lowered / put down

It also helps to prevent the bike rolling when Eazy Wheels are fitted and you don't want it to! (e.g. On a train or slight incline)

It's also useful if you often park on tile / wooden floors as it will stop your seatpost chipping / scratching the floor.

The black bung is for use with steel and (no longer available) titanium seat pillars.

The kit used to contain a grey bung for use on aluminium seat pillars - this is (since 2012) no longer available and not included.

The easiest way to fit the rubber bung to the seat pillar is to have the bicycle folded, lying on its side, or inverted / upside down.

Before fitting the correct rubber bung assembly, check that the cone is just nipped up to the rubber bung but not starting to bulge the rubber. In this condition the rubber bung assembly should slide into the seat pillar up to the shoulder.

Note the rubber bung may be a tighter fit in titanium seat pillars and may require twisting to get it in up to the shoulder.


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