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Velo Orange

Jante Velo Orange «Raid»


Tire width: 25mm-38mm
Outer width: 22mm
ERD: 607mm
Weight: 530g
120,00 $
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La jante RAID de Velo Orange est une jante de 22mm de large pour monter des roues de 700c. Double paroi, à double-œillets (ajoutant une grande robustesse ...), polie.

The RAID rim is a 22mm wide 700c rim. It's a box section rim with double eyelets. Double eyelets are rarely seen these days, but they add a lot of strength to a rim.

We feel that the 22mm width is the sweet spot for rando and touring rims. They are perfect for 25mm-38mm tires. The sidewalls (or brake track) are a little taller than old rims, for much easier pad setup without worry of tire interference.

We paid a little more for stainless eyelets and a lot more for a high polish finish. We kept the graphics down to an absolute minimum; there is a simple VO sticker for identity.

32 or 36 hole; 530g; ERD is 607mm.

We recommend 90-110 kgf for these rims. You should try not to exceed 115 kgf

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Prix 120,00 $

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