Roulettes Brompton version L/E (ø porte-bagages)-9001866-QROLSET-LE

  • Roulettes Brompton version L/E (ø porte-bagages)-9001866-QROLSET-LE


Roulettes Brompton version L/E (ø porte-bagages)

• Roulettes Brompton Version L/E (sans porte-bagages)
• Rollers with fittings for L/E Brompton
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Voici les roulettes dont vous aurez besoin si vous avez un Brompton version L ou E, i.e. sans porte-bagages.

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This is the 2 wheel roller set for bikes with no rack fitted, comprising the following:

2 x forward roller wheels (replacing the older roller wheels) - which attach to the Brompton rear frame
2 x Washers
2 x Spacers
2 x Bolts (M6 size)
Fitting instructions

The pack also contains the mudguard roller and fittings, and instructions for updating bikes with a rear mudguard (but no rack) fitted. (L type Bromptons) - these are not actually required if you have no rear mudguard.

Brompton Q part code: QROLSET-LE
Brompton part number: 9001866

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