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Yuba «Deflopilator»

- A spring to maintain the headset straight while your bike is waiting on the kickstand.
- The bike won't be unbalanced
- An important detail
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How to describe the deflopilator?
A gadget that will prevent your bike from falling when resting on the kickstand.
Doesn't ring a bell? Well, let's go for the technical description then. The deflopilator is a spring that joins the top of the fork and the frame. The deflopilator works this way: the spring keeps the headset (fork, handlebar, front wheel) straight at any time. Even when you're putting your kids on the Yuba or loading it with groceries. This way, the bike is not unbalanced and doesn't fall at any time. Handy isn't it?
Convenience is all in the details.
Thank you Yuba!

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