Yuba Boda_boda


Yuba Boda Boda V3

• Incredible carrying capacity
• You can fit your child on the bike and you will still have room for a few other things
• Tough wheels, a frame stronger than ever, that’s what makes the Boda Boda a great choice!
• “Easyfit window” so you can fit a Yepp Maxi seat
• You can now fit two kids on a Boda Boda!

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This long tail from Yuba is more compact than his big brother, the Mundo. It’s awesome to commute with such a sturdy and reliable bike. You can load it with many different things, which is even more convenient when you have a child!
We recently went to this conclusion: If you’re thinking about buying a child seat, a trail-a-bike, a bike trailer, and eventually a bike, the total amount of all this is pretty close to a well-equipped Yuba. This is something to think about!
Besides, if you’re always carrying a lot of groceries, hand tools or your surfboard (on your way to the standing wave of Lachine for instance) the Boda Boda is for you!

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