Vélo cargo Yuba Mundo V4

  • Vélo cargo Yuba Mundo V4
  • Vélo cargo Yuba Mundo V4


Yuba Mundo V4

• There are a lot of different add-ons to improve your experience with the Mundo V4
• The most popular cargo bike in North America
• An original concept very handy!
• A carrying capacity unequaled until now
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Where will you go? What will you bring? The only limits are your imagination and the strength of your legs. That’s how life is with a Yuba Mundo cargo bike. Carry anything you want, wherever you want. It’s tough, nimble and offers a wide variety of use; it’s game for anything.
Make it your main mode of transportation, your company’s delivery bike, your school bus. No matter its role in your life, it will transform your commute. What is the difference between the Mundo and other cargo bikes? Its stiff frame is the ultimate in maneuverability and control, meaning you can manage heavier loads and relax while riding with your kids.

Enjoy the ride, we’ll see you later!

NB: Optional features

Additional Information

Custom Stock Status Qty Rule default
Price $1,449.99
Frame Acier
Fork Acier
Gear shifter Sram x4
Rear derailleur Sram X4
Brakes V-Brakes / prêt pour être transformé en vélo à freins à disque
Roues 26'' hyper solides
Pinion gear set cassette 7 vitesses
weight (lbs/kg) 23 kg tout nu (sans les accessoires)
Additional Information Vient avec la «jupe» de protection pour les jambes des enfants (morceaux noirs sur la roue arrière) Béquille double «Stand alone» Nécessaire d'ajouter le ressort «deflopilator» pour un confort d'utilisation maximal. Consultez nos articles de blogues et la page de marque Yuba pour plus de détails en ce qui concerne les accessoires et les compatibiltés. Garantie 2 ans

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