«Let's ditch our cars and ride Cargo Bikes !»

Wired Magazine

Here at Dumoulin, we find paramount to offer families great and convenient solutions to move around town freely and ecologically. Challenge is huge since «cargo» is different from everything you've ever hauled before. With children come big loads : groceries, diaper bags, lunch and juice bottles, and so on...

How to keep on living with kids without burning oil ?

Believe us, you can do it ! And we're here to help.

Yuba's got you covered ! Change your lifestyle or continue to live freely and zen by riding a bike made for you ! Safe and fun, Yuba bicycles are Northern American's most popular Cargo bikes.

Let's do it ! Change the game and ditch the car reflex : a limitless world opens under your wheels.

Yuba Mundo and Boda Boda are «long haul» loaders. With longer wheelbases than regular bikes, they still feel like what you've always known.

Lighter and more nimble than bakfiets or threewheelers, they feel great on road. Parents love their stability and convenience : easy to store, easy to park everywhere in town, and still allow you to transport your kids with no hassle.

Everyday life is easier with a Yuba cargo bike. Seatbelts fastening, helmet adjusting is as easy as unlocking your bike lock ! Easier than in a car, no ?

Need to carry anything ? Diaper bag, lunch, groceries and kid alltogether on the same bike. Yep. You can do it!

With Yuba add-ons, you've got plenty of accessories to increase safety, convenience, comfort. Count on your new vehicule to forget trafic jams !