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Brompton change the way you experience the city.

Let a Brompton folding bike take you anywhere. The small wheels afford the bike great acceleration and manoeuvrability, ideal for stop-start city riding.

Brompton bikes fold up to a third of their size.

The clever design means that the bike can easily be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds. When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package, a little larger than its wheels.

Dumoulin Bicycles
M Type

Brompton handlebar M Type

For most riders, this provides an all round, neutral position.

H Type

The classic handlebar shape, at an elevated height.

S Type

Brompton handlebar S Type

Shorter riders will find this a good all round position and taller riders will be in a lower, sporty ride position.

Dumoulin Bicycles

3 simple options to suit the rider and terrain.

2 Speed

One gear for hills and setting off from the traffic lights, one for cruising. Flexible, easy to maintain, and the lightest gearing option.

3 Speed

A robust enclosed hub gear, a great choice for everyday cycling.

6 Speed

Our most popular choice. The ultimate all-rounder, for those who wish to take longer rides and challenging inclines.

We have the largest selection of Brompton bikes in Quebec.

Think about the luggage and your personal effects.

The Brompton luggage system allows the small folding bike to fit into your daily life.

Dumoulin Bicycles

Problem ?
We're here to help.

Puncture repairs, brake maintenance, gear adjustement or wheel building, we’re here to help you hit the road!

Dumoulin Bicycles