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Dumoulin: A Short History

Mon amie la bicyclette


Mr. Dumoulin was clearly passionate about cycling. Not only did he start Dumoulin Bicyclettes, he also wrote two complete books on the bicycle. The first “My Friend the Bicycle” was a complete guide, with subjects ranging from cycling history to the advantages of riding a bike and how to adjust it. The second book, “Health and Joy of Living by Bicycle”, was an abridged version of the first and was published by Lidec Publications. He also imported a bicycle brand, Cycle Du Moulin of which we still see from time to time. It was said that at the time Dumoulin was one of the biggest sellers of touring bicycles and gear.


In 1980, Jean-Pierre Desnoyers purchased Cycles Baggio with his brother and a business associate. A few years later he purchased Dumoulin Bicyclettes, this time most likely on his own. During this era, the store also repaired mopeds including the brands Solex, Peugot, Jawa, and Motobecane. This left an indelible mark on the business in the form of multiple oil stains on the carpet, saddling the next owner with the obligation to replace every square inch of carpeting!


In 1987, Mr. Marineau was leafing through the newspaper when he happened upon an advertisement for a bicycle business for sale. For reasons unclear, Procycle, the largest bicycle manufacturer in Canada, was responsible for the sale as well as being the owners of the building at 651 Villeray east. Having recently retired, Mr. Marineau decided to purchase the business as hobby to keep himself busy. All of the family helped out in the store, with his children working in sales during their university studies. Ms. Marineau also got her hands dirty (or should we say greasy?) along with several mechanics. Procycles products continued to be a major part of the stores offer with the presence of brands like Velo Sport, Peugeot, and Oryx. There were kids bikes, hybrids, and mountain bikes and also bicycles assembled onsite, including three speed internal hub bikes built for winter riding. Mr. Marineau also performed many renovations inside the building.


After working at the Velociste bike shop, Francois Blais decided to purchase Dumoulin Bicyclettes and focus on offering bicycles for the entire family, from hybrids to mountain bikes. It was during this period that the two current owners started working in the cycling world at Dumoulin. The store established itself as the go to place to repair one’s bike in the neighborhood.


After working as employees of Dumoulin, Étienne Roy-Corbeil and Jean Lecompte decided to purchase the business and breath new life into it. They chose to specialize in urban and folding bicycles and to seize the opportunity to make a name for Dumoulin as the specialists, not only in Montreal but throughout the province, for folding bicycles. The offer grew from just 2 folding models to currently 20 models! They also invested a great deal of effort to import real urban bicycles, including the brands Pashely and Batavus which were absent from the North American marketplace. Hugely popular in Europe, these bicycles are built for urban commuting and offer above average reliability and robustness. Once a small neighborhood shop, Dumoulin has grown to attract a customer-base throughout Montreal, the province, and even the north-eastern United States.


After close to sixty years on Villeray street, we were faced with a serious dilemma. For a multitude of reasons our space was no longer practical yet we wanted to stay in the neighborhood. After a long and exhaustive search, we found the ideal location on Jean Talon street across from the market. The ground floor has high ceilings and large windows for the showroom, while the basement houses both the continuation of our showroom and also the bicycle service department. The addition of a separate entrance for the service department keeps things moving smoothly during busy periods. To best profit from this space, we engaged the services of TaKtik design, with the help of Sebastien Bisson and Olivier Laplante-Goulet, who created an amazing store space that won a design award for creativity in 2011. The space continues to evolve to reflect our vision of the bicycle as a viable means of transport and alternative to the car.


Nouvelle étape dans l’histoire de Dumoulin avec un remaniement dans l’actionnariat. Pierre-Marie Legrain, employé depuis 2010, «profite» des envies d’ailleurs de Jean Lecompte pour devenir co-propriétaire. Fort de ses convictions, il forme désormais avec Etienne la nouvelle équipe dirigeante. Entrepreneurs, ces messieurs veulent d’abord et avant tout s’inscrire comme partie prenante d’une société, comme acteurs de changement. Ils renouvellent leurs engagements auprès de la clientèle et envers leurs employés. Le bien-être basé sur les relations humaines, la confiance, l’honnêteté, le travail et le soin des autres et de son environnement, voici le programme tout à fait politique et économique de Dumoulin Bicyclettes. Des valeurs de progrès inscrites dans le code génétique de cette entreprise.

C’est avec fierté que Dumoulin a reçu le prix Estim du meilleur commerce de détails en 2016, offert par la Chambre de Commerce de l’Est de Montréal.


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