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Tern Vektron is an electric-assisted bike that has every folding-bike caracteristics. Its portable, compact, ingenuous. It is motorized with a state-of-the-art integrated Bosch mid-drive motor. The strong aluminium frame gets you comfort through control and safety. In the meantime, the accessories you can add on your bike allows a great level of personalization. This bike becomes then fully capable, practical and useful.

One bike for everyday commutes, distance touring and travelling, cycling enjoyment.

As we just mentionned, two versions are available : the S10 or the Q9. We’ll sort out the differences between the models and show you some important informations so that you can choose the bike that fits most for your needs.

Ride it, fold it, go further

Tern Vektron is an electric-assisted bicycles that folds in 15 seconds, which means you can take it with you by train, metro or just carry it in your car’s trunk.

That caracteristics are the basics for folding bikes and the Vektron gets an A in this category.

Compact, it’ easy to store at the office or in your appartment. The 20″ wheels make it nimble and nice looking. Once folded, it’s possible to roll it on its tires.

Take note that it’s still an electric bike : it does not box in featherweight cateogry !

Do you want to know 10 good reasons to ride a folding bike ? if yes, read this!

A great cycling experience

Bosch motor is great when riding : it’s enjoyable, fun, and gives wings !

Whether you commute for work or you travel around for daily needs, for your week-end adventures or long-distance trips, the Tern Vektron is a true «motivator».

No «steep hills», no «far far away» kingdoms… in fact, yes there are some, but nothing gets into you and your new great eco-friendly habits : you ride with pure fun.

Why wouldn’t you take that train to St-Jérôme and enjoy the P’tit Train du Nord with your friends ? Why wouldn’t you physically exercise on the Mont-Royal gradients after work ?

Have you ever tried the new and awesome «Seigneurie des plaines» near Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines ? Get there via the «Trans-Terrebonne» and experiment more than 80 km of nice, quiet and delightful cycle path.

Go further if you wish to… but there are so many reasons to ride your bicycle around your place. You need fresh veggies from the Atwater market for this evening supper ? Go and grab them with your bike. Your guests will be delighted to hear the stories behind this nice tan and mood you have.

All those suggestions made possible with one bicycle… a Tern Vektron!

Tern Vektron is a «jack-of-all trades»

Accessories you can add to your bike are neat and smart. They’ll allow you to cleverly personnalize your ride.

Tern Vektron is for instance equipped with a super-heavy-duty rear rack that can carry up to 60 kg ! That’s enough to ride with your kid!

Tern developped a nice range of bags, crates and panniers so that you can carry your everyday needs with you. The Tern Luggage Truss is nothing but awesome for that !

The tech you get

High-end motor

Tern Vektron

Tern Vektron are equipped with Bosch electric system. You choose between “Performance” or “Active” line. Both motors perform silently, and are perfectly integrated into the frame.

Go with confidence !

Hidden battery

Tern Vektron

Bosch Powerpack 400Wh is hidden between the frame and the rear rack. It’s conveniently secured but easy to remove when needed.

You can charge the battery directly on the bike or plug it near your desk.

Fingertip-control of your assistance


Bosch Purion is easy to operate with your left thumb. You can select assistance mode, and get the information that count : range, charge level indicator, current speed.

You can use the «walk assist» mode or light up the lights.

Easy to store


A Tern Vektron folds in seconds. Thanks to its adjustable Andros Stem and super heavy duty hinges, it’s durable.

You fold it, it stays up, right on its rear rack four feets!

Safety first

Tern Vektron

The bike has a great handling and add great lighting system with the Valo Direct and an Herrmanns rear light. Always on or lit when needed, you will see and be seen. Without even thinking about recharging the lights.



Hydraulic disc brakes mean great braking performance, no matter the whether conditions. It also means comfort since you can modulate braking power to your needs.

Vektron S10 or Vektron Q9

What makes the difference ?

Tern Vektron is available in 2 versions, but all accessories are evenly compatible. Mecanical caracteristics and electric motorization are the main differences.

To your left, Tern Vektron S10. To your right, Tern Vektron Q9. Below is the list of the relevant differences we have noticed between the bikes.


Gears: 10 speeds, Shimano Deore, rear derailleur Shimano Deore Shadow +. 10 speeds cassette (11-36t).

Brakes: Magura MT4

Grips: Ergon GP1

Handlebar: Alu Kinetix Comp, double-butted.

Hubs: «novatec» sealed cartridge.

Motor: Bosch Performance Line (300% level of assistance, 65Nm torque).

Battery: Bosch «PowerPack» 400Wh. Bosch Standard charger (4A).

Price: 5949,99$.


Gears: 9 speeds, Shimano Alivo, rear derailleur Shimano Alivio «Shadow».

Brakes: Shimano hydraulic.

Grips: «Velo Ergonomic»

Handlebar: Aluminium flat-bar.

Hubs: Shimano.

Motor: Bosch Active Line Plus. 270% level of assistance, 50Nm torque.

Battery: Bosch «PowerPack» 400Wh. Bosch Standard charger (4A).

Price: 5249,99$.

Deduction ?

What about all those names and figures ? How does it make a difference (other than the price)?

If you’re looking for a bike that gives the best to you, take the Vektron S10. Major difference will be found with the «transmission» (mechanical and motor). You get a more powerful motor, you get more assistance out of it, you have a better torque, and finally, you have one more gear. 11-36 teeth cassette can be decisive in hilly regions or if you plan a touring journey. You’ll get up there easier.

If you live in Cantons-de-l’Est, Québec city or you plan to use your bike everywhere, Vektron S10 is the better choice for you.

We do not take anything away from the Vektron Q9. Many commuters will adore it for its accessories, for the Bosch assistance and for many reasons. A maybe less versatile gear system is not an obstacle for most of you!


Tern Vektron is definition of useful, fun, cool to ride. Bosch motor makes wonders for you and nothing seems to bother or takes you off your bike. Accessories are greatly designed and clever. They work well for their purpose.

It is a real folding bike and really transportable.

You wish to engage the discussion about the Vektron ? You feel commited and would like to know how to get one ? Contact us to take an appointment. We are here to help.

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