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Folding bikes are clever vehicles to get around towns, or even around campings, marinas, chalets. We carry and offer a great selection for more than 10 years. Brompton, Tern, Dahon, many options are available here. Feel free to contact us to talk about those smart bikes, and even try them out !

For now, let us convince you with 10 good reasons to choose a folding bike.

Why would you choose a folding bike ?

1.Can we offer you a cocktail ?

With your Brompton or Tern, experience how you can easily and cleverly combine cycling and other means of tranpsortations to commute. That’s what urban planners call «cocktail transport» : use your bike to get to the train station, end a car trip with a bike, go and grab one «remote» Communauto Flex. Possibilities are great and a folding bike is a fantastic tool for eco-friendly commutes.

La STM accepte les vélos pliables.

STM accepts every folding bikes aboard bus or metro, any time of the day. Make sure it is folded when you enter the station or the bus and pay attention to others. Once folded, the bike is no bigger than a backpack between your legs…

Brompton et auto-partage : c’est si simple!

There’s no need to own a car : you can rent one easily with your folding bike. How many times will you find yourself so «smart» when entering a car-rental location?

Dumoulin Bicycles

2. Save space

Once you’ve folded it, your bike is very small. That makes it easy to carry it over your appartment and store it.


3. Avoid bike theft

You never have to lock your bike outside. Just carry it inside wherever you go. Yes, it’s possible in most places.

A small portable lock is only needed when you know you’ll have to leave your bike unattented, e.g. when you leave it at your dentist’s hall.

Abus Granit 640 or Ottolock Cinch are great for folding-bike owners.

4. Save time

Do not look for a parking spot for ever : bring your bike at your office, zip it under your desk and that’s it. Save time… and money !

5. Get healthy

Cycling is a great way to exercise while commuting. Feel the stress of your day flowing away when looking at people, restaurants, appartments, life. Enjoy the fexibility of your bike to use it more often.

6. Explore

A folding bike is transportable. That means you can carry it with you in the Toronto train. You can store it inside your RV, your boat, your car. It is even thinkable to fly with it.


7. Reduce your ecological footprint

Increase your possibilities without harming the environment. When you take a train or a bus with your bike, you take a great step for your climate. Every shift to move around cities can be considered with your folding mobility device !

8. Save money

No parking lots, no tickets, no insurance fees, no gaz. How much does it make ? A LOT of money per year. Go ahead, do the maths !

9. Be spontaneous

If you travel, carry your bike with you. You can’t imagine what you’ll find at the end of this little alley… maybe the best bakery of all times. Maybe the most wonderful micro-brewery’s terrasse. Unfold, go… you have the bike in your car !


10. REALLY GREAT BIKES… that happen to fold !

Tern or Dahon bikes are very good bicycles. Try them and you’ll experience the fun you get with those. You’ll find those playful, agile, light.

And Brompton ? Ah… their repututation is above every other. And you can understand why when you see one or even try it. Brazzed and assembled in England, they are absolutely divine to ride and they last for ever. Foldable yes indeed, but awesome first and foremost !

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